Monday, February 23, 2009

Zambry: I'm the menteri besar (Saya Menteri Besar !??)

DPP Gopeng: This is what happened when ones get into power without people's mandate.

Well Dato Zambry,. it's purely hard day, hard time for you to face the people who not in favour to accept you as their Menteri Besar.

As people had shown it clearly thru their voices, thru votes,. that they all want Pakatan Rakyat and Ir Nizar to govern the state.
BN might celebrate the victory for gaining 3 more seats to topple the Pakatan Rakyat's majority, but sadly, BN has never won the people's heart. To the people BN had undoubtedly won the majority, but BN has never won the State.

The State belongs to the people. It is the people who decide who they want to govern this Perak State. And sadly you are not the one who been choosen by the people.
Zambry: I'm the menteri besar
Those following political development in Perak must be fed up with hearing the oft repeated declaration of Zambry Abdul Kadir that “I am the menteri besar”.

But as long as the Perak impasse is not resolved to the satisfaction of the two parties involved, Zambry will continue to repeat it, as he did again today.

I am the menteri besar appointed by the Perak sultan, this is a clear process but some people are twisting it," he told reporters after officiating a function in Ipoh today. [full stories in Malaysiakini]
DPP Gopeng : You claim you been appointed by the Perak Sultan, well,. neither do Ir Nizar were also been appointed by the Perak Sultan. But Ir Nizar been welcomed by the people, but you not in people's heart to serve as their MB.
Shame on you !!

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